Building A Niche Website

One of the most popular ways of earning cash on the Internet is to start a money making website. The most common way people do this is to start a niche website. The key to making this work is to find a niche which has a big enough market to make some money but isn’t saturated with sites already. The quickest way to fail at this kind of project is to try and start a site in a saturated area.

You don’t have to be an expert in a subject to start a website about it but if you are knowledgeable in a particular area this would obviously be a candidate. Just make sure it meets the other requirements too. If you pick a subject that you don’t know much about make sure there is somewhere you can research it before starting the website.

When you first start the site you have to make sure you can add a lot of relevant content, the quicker you can do this the more likely you are to start making money. You also need to start driving traffic to your site. Search engines are the easiest way of doing this. Getting a good ranking can be difficult though. You need to start getting some quality links to your site. This can be achieved by writing quality articles that other people will want to link to.

Once you have some some traffic you can start making money. The most common way of doing this is to display adverts on your site. Take a look at this ProBlogger article for a good list of some of the options. Don’t expect to make money straight away but stick at it and as your traffic builds you will start to make more. The key is to keep writing quality content to bring more and more visitors.

After your first site is starting to make money you can find yourself another niche and build another one. This should be easier due to the knowledge you have acquired from the first one. What is key though is to make sure you don’t forget your first site as the visitors will stop coming if you don’t keep adding content. You can keep building sites until you are at a level you feel comfortable with and have the time to keep them all updated.

An alternative route is to use a service such as “Build A Niche Store” (BANS) to help you build a site that makes money through the eBay affiliate system. There is an initial set-up cost but it does mean you can get lots of sites up and running quickly. You will still have to the work to get traffic though. I have seen a number of places recommending BANS but I haven’t used it myself. If you think it is right for you then make sure you research fully before parting with any money. If you have used it before then add a comment below with your opinions.

Remember the most important part of setting up a niche site is finding the right niche so spend a lot of time on this and choose carefully.

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